Great places to visit in Toronto

The big Canadian city of Toronto has many places to visit. Some consider it the most multicultural city in the world. It hosts both colonists and visitors with great attractions and landmarks that will surprise you, as well as great facilities, services and transport. There is always good hosting, especially with multilingual signboards on the road and elsewhere where people coming from Toronto will definitely feel welcome. The main language here is English, but there are also cultural settlements where communities speak their languages ​​of origin. More than half of Canadians are foreign-born immigrants.

Toronto Zoo has three broad sections, namely, Africa, North and South America. It's a great place to go for a half-day trip, and families especially love the experience. Another exotic place you can visit with cheap flights to Toronto is very unusual; and the pioneer village of Black Creek. This is a 19th-century village retreat with forty-year-old Victorian British-style buildings. Here are the actors dressed as villagers, and you can find suitable guides that can show you exactly what each building really was.

If you need more reasons to make cheap flights to Toronto; it is a great city just for walking; The place is eclectic and is also called the city inside the park. There are miles of parks with streams and rivers that make this metropolis particularly clear and fresh. Edwardian Gardens and Toronto Botanical Gardens are great places to start exploring nature. No wonder so many people make cheap flights to Toronto just for a nice leisure trip, especially in the summer.

People go to the great Roger Center to watch their favorite sports, concerts, truck shows and more. Given the view of the nearby CN Tower and the good weather, it couldn't get any better. The CN Tower is special because it is the second tallest building in North America. You go upstairs through a glass floor elevator, which can be quite daunting for some people, but with a great view of the city skyline. At the top is a revolving restaurant, which is a unique and fun concept to view from the top of the city. cheap flights to Toronto are a great way to travel regardless of the available cruise ships that take you directly through the Port of Toronto. The Gulf of Georgia area north of Toronto provides a great beach collection. The beach area is also a great place with so many places like theme parks and beach style attractions. These out-of-town hangouts bring people into the fun and relaxing experience that now comes with great flights to Toronto.

The Difference Between Finding A Cheap Home Price And Finding Cheap International Airfare

Although US airline tickets are much more volatile (ie far more frequent), the price difference between major travel sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia and airline sites often does not exceed 10-20%. Local airline ticket sellers almost fall into 2 categories: 1) airlines and 2) online travel agencies. There are some niche players, but they serve a very small market. Therefore, when shopping for a local airline ticket, "when to buy" is usually more important than "where to buy".

In the case of international airline tickets, the opposite is true. "When to buy" is still important (just as you don't wait until the last minute), but "where to buy" is much more important. This is because airfare to Europe, Asia, Africa and South and Central America is slightly less volatile (may not change as often), but the price difference between different vendors can sometimes reach as much as 50% or more. There are several reasons for this, but the two main reasons are 1) the type of bid offered and 2) the number of players on the pitch.

Type of tariffs

There are basically 2 types of international airfare in addition to highly technical equipment; published and unpublished. 97% of the holiday rates (give or take) are published in the local market. A published price, which you can call a retail price. The airline sets the price and the rules associated with that price and then publishes the information to a clearing house called ATPCo (Airline Tariff Publishing Company). ATPCo then allocates the price to the global distribution systems. Online and offline travel agencies, in turn, obtain these published prices through one or more of these systems. Tariffs are available to everyone. The unpublished ticket price (also called the negotiated price) is still passed through ATPCo, but part of the "tariff rules" is an indicator of what the seller is allowed to access and sell for a fee. It is essentially a private charge. Another difference is that published prices must be sold at a price set by the airline (without mark-ups or reductions) while the private price can be denoted. Therefore, you see that the ticket issued by an online and offline agency raises the service fee from $ 5 to $ 50. Using the call price, the airline will receive a certain amount and the seller is allowed to write down this price (add their margin). So the seller can negotiate a $ 300 airline ticket from New York to London with X, then tag it and sell it for $ 345. Another obvious difference between a negotiated and a published price is that for many (almost all) negotiated airfares, you won't see the actual price you paid for the ticket. Instead, you will see either a much higher price or just tax information. Published tickets will show exactly what you paid for the ticket (excluding any service charges). In general, negotiated tickets are often cheaper than published tickets (there are cases where an airline may have a "fire sale" that lowers call rates) and therefore "where" is more important than "when" when it comes to the purchase of international air tickets.

Travel vendors

International airline ticket vendors fall into the following main categories:

(1) Major Airlines

(2) Charter Airlines

(3) Online Travel Agencies

(4) Offline travel agencies

(5) Global Consolidators Selling to the Public

(6) Global non-market consolidators

(7) Ethnic unifiers or target professionals

(8) Student Travel Agents

(9) Tour operators

Major Airlines

These are carriers we all know, such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM and many others. They offer airline tickets through their website and many other vendors listed above. They can offer special web offers on their site. They do not charge for the service.

Charter Airlines

In Europe, this type of airline is much more common than the US. Charter is basically when a tour operator "hires" or "charters" an aircraft to fly vacationers from the departure gate airport to the destination airport. There are some airlines that offer services from / to the US that are rooted in the charter business. They offer regular services all year round or seasonally to / from some individual US airports per country. They are FAA approved and must comply with all airline safety regulations and regulations. What sets them apart is their business model, which allows them to typically sell seats cheaper than large companies. Some of these alternative airlines are LTU, Condor, FlyGlobespan or Martinair. Nor do they usually charge for the service.

Online travel agencies

The players in this category are Travelocity, Orbitz, Cheaptickets, Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire and so on. They sell published and unpublished airline tickets. They charge for the service. They usually try to sell you other travel components, such as hotel accommodation, car rentals, amusement tickets and / or travel insurance. If you go on holiday abroad, buying a kit (where the seller will tie the air component to one or more ground components) may be an option and can save you money. In the following article, I will look at the advantages and disadvantages of packets.

Offline travel agencies

They are also called brick and mortar travel agencies. These are traditional agencies where you can go in, sit down and book your trip. They may also double as an ethnic consolidator or destination specialist, depending on size and target market. They also have consolidation prices that are not directly offered to the general public. Brick and mortar agencies almost always charge for the service.

Global consolidators that sell directly to the public

Many times it is the travel agencies that have decided to "exclude the broker" and go directly to the airlines to negotiate their private fares. This allows them to resell at a lower price without losing profits. To get decent private prices, the Global Consolidator will have to offer $ 100 million + in annual agency sales. Most call tickets are sold free of charge. If a consolidator sells a published price, they regularly add a service fee.

Global consolidators that do not sell directly to the public

In the days before online travel, very few agencies would act as their mergers. Instead, they worked through intermediaries (consolidators) who negotiated deals with airlines. The consolidator will negotiate the above $ 300 deal, add its margin and sell it to a retail agency. The retail agent would then increase his reserve and sell it to the public. With the advent of the Internet, agencies have been able to reach a much wider audience and thus have gained a great deal of direct conversation with airlines. Nevertheless, there are still many agencies, both offline and online, that offer broker consolidators, including. Because of the large amount that consolidators can offer the airline, these prices could still be a profitable move, even after multiple markups.

Ethnic reunions or destination professionals

It is probably one of the least known sources of cheap airline tickets (for the general public). They are also some of the most difficult. The United States is an immigrant nation and ethnic consolidators traditionally serve their former patriots or immigrant community. These were, and still are, cheap sources for airline tickets back to home. Unlike global consolidators, whose annual sales may exceed $ 250 million +, these ethnic outlets can exceed $ 2-5 million per year, but most of them can be acquired by 1 or 2 carriers. They are highly specialized and have long-standing relationships with their preferred carriers. This long-term, trusting relationship is why some ethnic moms and pop operations are able to provide airfare rates that are 20-30% lower than any online mega agency. Destination professionals are similar in size and style to ethnic unifiers. They have become true experts in a country or region and have built relationships. The difference is that they are often aimed at independent foreign travelers (FITs). As I mentioned, it is often difficult to beat the airline deals that some of these outlets have to offer, but the challenge is to find them. They are often not found by Google, Yahoo, or other search engines.

Student Travel Agents

As the name implies, these are agencies that target students (and, in some cases, faculty). Like a global consolidator, they turn to airlines and negotiate special discounts or private prices. The difference is that they are only allowed to sell to good faith students (and faculty) under an agreement with the airlines. Often students are enrolled in an accredited college or university and high school students are not eligible. The same goes for the faculty. Some agencies do better than others to ensure that the person buying the ticket is a student.

Tour operators

Tour operators are organizations that sell holiday packages such as all inclusive, etc. They negotiate deals with airlines, hotels, aerodrome operators, and so on, pack them together, label and then sell them as a single product to the public. Sometimes they will only sell airline tickets (at the lowest prices) to fill empty spaces on the plane. Because they have a fixed price to pay to the aircraft operator, empty seating is an untapped opportunity. The best way to get one of these cheap places is usually in the Caribbean or Mexico.

There are many sources of international airline ticket deals. Finding the right one at the right time can make a lot of difference whether you get a good price or a lot. While getting a domestic airline deal is often the result of a (happy) time, getting a big international deal is often the result of knowing where to look.

Weddings in New York

Easy, inexpensive, stress-free: These are not the words commonly associated with wedding planning. But more and more British couples are finding this holy trinity by marrying in one particular city: New York.

With its iconic panorama and famous landmarks, the Big Apple has an aesthetic appeal, coupled with easy access (direct six-hour flight) and simpler logistics; all you need to get married is the city clerk's marriage office license, which can be obtained at least 24 hours in advance.

Rebecca Balkombe, 24, married her husband Neil in New York in May last year in front of close friends and family. "We got involved in Egypt with a hot air balloon. So we don't have to do things normally!" she says. Reluctant to spend £ 50 in the UK on an invitation to a wider range of guests than they really would have liked, the idea of ​​marrying abroad immediately appealed to him. When they decided on New York – "We never would have been and we always wanted to go" – all it took to get the job done was to research the internet. "We literally talk about New York weddings with Google, and there are so many different wedding sites out there." They found a minister and a photographer, booked a hotel in Time Square, hosted by local restaurants, and held a ceremony at Shakespeare Garden, Central Park, all without leaving home. "It was incredibly easy to arrange," says Rebecca.

Alex Bartosiak-Smith and husband John had similar experiences when they got married in Central Park 18 months ago. "It was never traditional. We wanted to do it for ourselves. It was the most important day for us, not for someone else," says John.

They invited only five guests to New York, a city they already knew and loved, for an intimate ceremony on Gapstow Bridge in the background of Plaza Plaza, followed by lunch at the Central Park Boat House and later cocktails at a rooftop bar in Peninsula.

A couple chose their rings and costumes in the UK, but everything else was organized over the phone or over the Internet. "I just called a few restaurants from home and booked them, just. It wasn't any stress," says Alex. After the couple arrived a week earlier, hair, makeup and flowers were organized in New York. So determined that they had a stress-free time that they even started flying on business-class flights.

John adds, "Every time we go on holidays, Alex does a lot of research. So the wedding was almost a holiday, but with a little extra work."

Both couples becoming husband and wife in New York fulfilled their expectations in every way. "I wouldn't change anything," says Rebecca. And because the location automatically reduced the number of guests, the total cost was nothing like the average wedding price of £ 21,000 in the UK. Rebecca and Neil spent about £ 9,000 on three people, including flights and seven nights in New York (other guests paid for themselves). With up to £ 5,000 in some UK outlets, even before you add in the cost of meals, this can explain why many couples are attracted by the benefits of New York. If you really want to keep things simple, you can even have a civil ceremony at the Manhattan Marriage Office for only $ 25.

Photographer Brian Friedman ( has taken wedding photos of more than a hundred British couples who have been married in New York in the last two years and understands the attractiveness of their hometown. "I think they're as enthusiastic about New York as I would be with London or Paris. A lot of people want maybe a more intimate, special thing. They don't want to have 200 people, maybe they have some politics involved that they want to get together get smaller. There are also financial benefits. "

In creating this particular niche, Friedman sees it as his New Yorker responsibility to ensure that his British clients have a successful wedding: "When you host a local wedding, you don't help them as much as others. But these guys come from 3,000 miles away, I felt I wanted to take care of these people. "

He adds, "It's very equivalent to putting the British in the New York City landscape, and because I've grown up in New York, I think I can. I see things outside the corner. From my own eye, I see a cab or a bus or a sign that I I know they will like it. It came naturally. "

Being married across the Atlantic has certainly pleased his clients, but what about their families? "Everyone really supported us. If they couldn't come, it was acceptable because it was big money. But we knew important people would be there," says Rebecca. "When we got home, a month later, we had a party for all our friends and family to really get the best of both worlds."

By Caroline Bishop

And how best to get married in New York? You're already on your honeymoon.

Cheap Vacation Travel – Guidelines for Finding the Best Deals on the Places You Want to Visit

Looking forward to an unforgettable holiday? You might be in shock if you search for popular places like London, Paris, Rome, New York, Toronto, Disney World, San Diego, and more. Even these days, many beach vacations are expensive. The best rate for cheap vacation vacations is to either wait until the season or go for a cheaper alternative to a popular destination. For example, Palm Springs is considered to be cheap compared to San San Francisco. Warsaw is a cheaper European alternative to London.

If you really want to go to the most popular places in the world, here are some tips to help you save:

• Time is everything when it comes to cheap travel. If you don't have a leg room on your holiday dates and you MUST trip on those specific days, make a list of the top places you want to visit and find out if any will be out of season. If you have the flexibility for dates, be patient and wait for the prices to start to drop to where you want to go most.

• Early birds are definitely not a worm in the travel and tourism industry. Sometimes it is best to wait for a last minute or same day deal. You can save a tremendous price by waiting for hotels to try to reduce their prices in the last minute while trying to book all the rooms. Often the same happens with airlines, so if you feel a little risky, stick to the last day or two to see if airfare is available at a very low price.

• Sign up for newsletters and bookmark your favorite travel booking sites. Continue to sign up to see the category cheap holidays. With a little patience you will finally see a package for one of the places you really want to visit.

• Don't choose a package with many extras if you don't need them. There are different types of vacations, some of which are included in the comprehensive package and offer a great variety of options – many of which you may or may not need. At the very least, you'll need airline tickets (or bus fares) and a place to stay for a certain night. Use the search function on your favorite travel site to combine airline tickets and accommodation to see if you can get discounts by booking both at the same time.

• Explore loyalty programs. You might be entitled to something even if you are not aware of it. The line between hotel and airline loyalty programs is shrinking thanks to partnerships between the two industries. For example, if you are a platinum or gold hotel chain member, you might be able to spend your in-flight loyalty points if that hotel company is an airline partner.


No matter where you want to go, keep these tips in mind and be as patient and flexible as possible when looking for a cheap vacation.

Online coupons are some of the best in the travel industry. Take advantage of everything on the site – from intuitive search and comparison tools to free travel guides to help you find cheap vacation holidays around the world.

Genius Ways to save money on travel

Starting a year with different travel plans is one of the great things. Often we hear people complain about how traveling the world is one of the things they love most, but it is too expensive. Daily expenses turn out to be a huge burden and it is no surprise. However, you do not have to give up your travel plans because you feel that the cost of travel is too high. Here are some great tips on how to save money on travel.

The art of search

Even if you plan to travel during the busiest months, you still have considerable potential to save money on travel. Look for online discounts and deals in a smart way so you know if you can save. It will be great if you plan ahead and search for deals on the web. Check out our discount sites for good deals.

Be flexible

If you are considering saving while traveling, time is of the essence. Even the smallest changes to your plans can have a significant impact on overall costs. This is especially true if you plan to spend on a group of people. Flexibility can take you very far and you can try it if you can afford to travel out of season. If this is not possible, be flexible when choosing your location.

Be more creative

Have you ever wondered why New York and London are so expensive? Just because they get into the biggest travel destinations and everyone just wants to visit them. Trust me with such plans, there is simply no way to save money on travel. I suggest that you think outside and be creative with your ideas. Alternative destinations are a great way to save money.

Sign up for a credit card

More specifically, a specific trip. Few people know this, but by signing up for a travel-related credit card, you can earn a decent amount of air miles.

Pack Light

Airlines these days will do their utmost to maximize profits. In this procedure, your airline may charge you for many things that you may not even realize. For example, the cost of luggage is one of them and it can seriously disrupt your budget. For this reason, my sincere advice carries too much luggage and tries my best to wrap the light.

Save money on travel with these smart ways and explore all the wonders of this world!

New York Hotels – Tips for Finding the Perfect Hotel

New York is considered a beautiful city of skyscrapers with a great variety of almost everything from restaurants to grocery stores and countless hotels. Many hotels indicate the city horizon, ranging from accommodation, price and style to suit every taste. New York hotels are simply a heaven for many tourists visiting the city and enjoying their grandiose stay.

New York hotels are in every city pocket. If you cannot afford luxury hotels, then low-priced hotels are a good option. Room types in a hotel in New York range from sophisticated packages with over $ 500 per night to rooms that charge a single, cheap price per hour. Before choosing a New York hotel to stay in, be sure to ask yourself the following questions to determine the ideal location.

1. In which area of ​​New York do you plan to stay?

New York is divided into different neighborhoods, and these areas determine the range of hotel fees, so you need to consider whether the hotel should be in Manhattan, where most New York sights can be found. Alternatively, if you want to stay in an optimal area, then the ideal place would be Greenwich or Soho hotels. Those looking for an entertaining city tour should check out Pod's modern eastern city center, close to Radio City Music Hall and Central Park, with small rooms with free Wi-Fi, LCD TVs and MP3 docking stations.

2. Who do you all accompany, including pets, if any?

If you have a large family or children, not all New York hotels can open their doors to welcome you. Recommended hotels would be Hilton Time Square and Doubletree Guest Suites, both of which are well known for their warm, efficient and reliable service. . The list of hotels will narrow even further if you bring pets, though hotels like Carlyle Hotel and 70 Park Avenue Hotel even offer dog walking services if you are busy on city tours.

3. How much are you willing to spend?

Once your location and the number of people you have are determined, the next step is to consider your budget, as the range of New York City hotels ranges from overpriced, luxury hotels to wonderfully cheap and affordable variety, depending on the features and services you serve.

4. What services and features would you need?

If you are on a holiday or planning a getaway, you may be interested in looking at what the hotel has to offer and what the hotel offers or what services it offers. Not all hotels have a spa, fitness center, Olympic-sized swimming pools, so consider all these points when choosing a hotel. If you are going on a business trip, you prefer a hotel with internet access.

The best way to find great deals on New York hotels is by surfing the Internet, where many hotel chains offer great deals on travel booking sites commonly used by tourists and travelers. There are options for bidding on hotel rooms, on websites that allow you to name your price, or on multiple sites, as prices can vary greatly. Once Internet deals are researched, call them for better deals and ask if this is the lowest price they can offer, as booking agents are trained to initially quote a higher price, but you may be able to book a room for less if you have persistent.

Travel packages around the world – See more for less

Travel packages around the world are an amazing way to see the world and save a package. Many of my friends have made these trips with great success (including me), and everyone around the world has said that it is not only an economic way to see the places they only dreamed of, but also a life-changing event. . .

The most popular travel packages come from the airlines themselves (which is rarely the best deal) or from special travel agencies like Here's how it works: These agencies collect flight deals from two or more airlines that typically connect to major hubs around the world (the largest being San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Frankfurt, Barcelona, ​​Bangkok, Hong Kong, Sydney, Auckland, Delhi, Mumbai, Nairobi and Rio). Their logic is that when you buy in bulk, you will generally be priced lower than if you purchased them individually. For example, I bought a round-the-world ticket on the Sydney-Saigon-Singapore-Kathmandu-London-Toronto-San Francisco-Sydney route for less than $ 1,400. So far, excited? On Airtreks, they have a list of specials and they are currently offering a 10-country package deal for $ 2799. It's a two-way return ticket and you'll get more than twice the destination!

The best part of worldwide travel packages is that most service providers allow you to stay in transition countries, which is like transferring a free airline ticket to someone else. I've stopped for free in Austria, Singapore and Laos.

The last word for the wise: if you have bought a travel package around the world, try to pack only enough clothing to last a week. Remember that what you pack today will have to be carried over to next year, so keep it light!

Pros and cons of flying budget airlines

Pros of flying budget airlines

Usually you get good rates. As mentioned above, most budget airlines have cheap flights but offer very few benefits to travelers. This is an easy way to save money. If your goal is to get from point a to point b cheaply, you should have no problem flying with a budget airline. How much money you save depends on the particular airline, travel dates and destination. On average, most travelers save at least $ 100 per trip with a flight budget rather than the well-known.

You have several airlines to choose from. For the most part, budget airlines were a well-kept secret in the United States. Most air travelers were familiar with major carriers such as American Airlines and Delta. It didn't have to wait until airfare soared that passengers began to test their options more. Most were happy to see that not only did budget airlines exist, but there were quite a few to choose from. In the United States, only a few of your options are Southwest, Spirit, Virgin American, JetBlue and Horizon Air. By choosing from several budget airlines, you have a good chance of saving money.

The Disadvantages of Flying Budget Airlines

Perks are few. When most of us think about benefits, we think of in-flight movies, drinks and snacks. Sometimes some budget airlines give up these extras, but there are more. Some budget airlines allow you to make a reservation, but you do not choose your seat until you arrive at the airport or on the plane. This is correct for most travelers, but it can be risky if you are traveling as a family. Because budget airlines focus on cheap travel, many are foregoing first class. If you want to reap the rewards, it is best to avoid budget airlines flying.

You are not always getting the best deals. For example, JetBlue was previously mentioned as a good airline. If you are looking for a flight between Syracuse, New York and Orlando, Florida, a big $ 114 will appear on screen (at the time of this article). You think great because Northwest Airlines quoted you $ 156 for the same flight. That is, until you see the $ 114 round trip, even though you have chosen a round trip from the options. You scroll down the page and select a return flight that also has a price tag of $ 114. This "budget" airline is now $ 72 more expensive.

Some budget airlines charge you a fee. Southwest Airlines is well known as a good budget airline. Their website and ads say "what you see is what you get". This means that the price you see is actually the price you pay. Not all airlines are. Many have hidden fees and taxes that you may not see until you are ready to pay for the flight. Always read the budget airline fine print. After that, you could see that their deal is not so good after all.

You have a limited number of airports to choose from. As mentioned above, there are many budget airlines in the United States. Unfortunately, they serve a limited number of airports. The reason why budget airlines can offer discounted flights is because they choose their destinations wisely. They know where and when travelers want to go. Unfortunately, if you want to travel to Kansas, it will be difficult to find a budget airline that serves state airports. On the other hand, if you want to travel to Florida, your options are virtually limitless.

As you can see, flying budget airlines have their pros and cons. If you choose to try these airlines, compare prices to make sure you get the best deal, make your travel plans well in advance and arrive in time for the airport.

The most problematic airports

Forbes magazine has published a rating of international airports that cause the most serious troubles associated with their flights. The publication's blacklist includes both third-country airports and transport centers in many of the world's capitals. The main selection criterion was flight delays, based on 2007 data on transport centers with a capacity of at least 10 million people per year.

National Airport is the first step in introducing foreign visitors to the new country. experts have analyzed the aspects and level of service of the world's leading transportation centers. Degree of deviation from airports & # 39; arrival and departure schedules served as a selection criterion.

"According to the portal, the world's most accurate airports are in South Korea and Rising Sun."

Brazil's International Airport, with a cargo capacity of 10 million last year, led the worst airport five, where flights are most frequently delayed. Less than 27% of its flights in 2007 turned out to be on time. The average take-off time at this airport is 52 minutes.

Second place was Beijing Capital International Airport. Slightly more than 33% of flights from there started in 2007. The carrying capacity of this airport in 2006 was 49 million people.

In addition, Brazil is third on the blacklist. It was split between Sao Paulo's Guarulhos International airports and Congonhas International airports in San Paolo. Only 41% of flights started during the first and only 43% of the second. Cairo International Airport ranks fourth on the list. Only 47% of flights from there started last year. The average take-off time is 43 minutes. The capacity of the airport in 2006 was only 10.8 million people.

The list shall be added to Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport. Only half of the flights departed there in 2007.

However, the studies were not satisfied with this rating and compiled another five transport hubs with the fewest flight arrivals on time.

First place in the ranking is Chhatrapati Shivaji Mumbai International Airport. Just over 44% of all flights arrived here on time last year, with an average delay of 45 minutes.

Second place was Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, where just over 45% of all flights arrived in 2007.

According to the magazine, Indian authorities have repeatedly apologized to the International Civil Aviation Organization, recognizing that its efforts to upgrade the country's leading transport hubs are lagging behind its economic growth.

Third place was awarded to São Paulo Congonhas International Airport, where only 54% of flights arrived on time in 2007, with the remaining flights delaying at least 45 minutes.

New York La Guardia International Airport is ranked fourth, with less than 58% of flights arriving on time in 2007, with an average waiting time of more than one hour.

Referring to Robert Paul, a US government adviser on interurban and international transportation, the publication reports that the situation with flight delays at many US airports has worsened due to the fact that most companies have chosen to replace their planes with small airplane liners. For example, JFK, one of the major US airlines, has seen the number of aircraft with less than 100 passengers increase by 128% in the last five years.

The top five are surrounded by Newark International Airport, where just over 58% of flights arrived in 2007 on time.

The world's most accurate airports are located in South Korea and Rising Sun. As a result, the number of business flights arriving on time at Gimpo International Airport is approximately 95%. Jeju International Airport, the largest airport in South Korea, generates only 1% in this respect.

Japan has given Korea some of the most punctual arrival in the segment. At Osaka Itami International Airport, only 8% of flights did not arrive on time. Instead, Japanese airports rank six in the top 10 in the world's most accurate transport hubs for timely takeoffs.

Lhasa Airport and Bangda Airport, located in Tibet, are considered the most difficult places to take off and land. The first is 3500 meters above sea level and the second 4300 meters above sea level. Both airports are surrounded by mountains.

Bangda Airport is the highest civilian airport in the world with the longest runway (5500 meters).

Longyear Airport in Norway is difficult to land in the Spitzbergen archipelago due to constantly changing weather conditions, low clouds, winds and continuous mountain ranges.

Also due to the strong crosswind, London Heathrow International is on the list of the world's most complex airports.

There are not only airports that cause problems, but also those that are very ecological. Christchurch International Airport, New Zealand was awarded the Carbon Zero Airport Certificate.

Secrets To Getting Great Discounts On Theater Tickets In New York |

There are so many hidden ways to get cheap, discounted and even free tickets to Broadway, off Broadway and free on Broadway in New York … some of them for under $ 4.00! I have lived in New York all my life and can share these secrets first hand! Here are my choices for some of the ways to get your Broadway theater ticket discounts. Why pay more?

American Car Club

Show your card and get discounts on Broadway theater tickets to the movie Murder, any shows at the New Victory Theater (fantastic children's shows), King of the Lion (my fav), Mary Poppin, Radio City Christmas Spectacular and more.

Broadway box

This is a great resource for getting discount codes for discount Broadway theater tickets and tickets off Broadway.


The store, which invented 100 sachets of toilet paper, also offers discounts of up to 50% on concerts, theater and sports events. If you are a member, log in using the link above and click on Services followed by Event Tickets. Who knew? Discount Broadway Theater Tickets for Costco!

An entertaining book

Use tickets from an entertaining book to get one ticket for absolutely no cost when you buy tickets to any show at the Abingdon Theater, Women's Project or American Actor's Theater.

Gold star

Free membership gives you access to many discount Broadway theater tickets …. and other fantastic outings! Amazing site!

Hospital audience

Offering very low prices and discounted Broadway show tickets for those with physical disabilities, people with disabilities, and the “On the Go” senior travel guide providing information on senior discounts. You will also find useful information, including information on passenger loading areas, theaters offering wheelchairs, accessible toilets, transport for disabled people on specially designed Omni buses and much more.

High 5.ix

Teenagers can get tickets worth $ 5 to a large number of theaters, museums and concerts. Each teenager can be accompanied by one adult or friend for the same $ 5! Given that a simple walk to the Museum of Modern Art costs $ 20 (do you believe it ?!), this is a real find! Blue Man Tubes are also shown 1 cent several times a year! (No, that's not a mistake!) Check their site often as popular shows and events sell out fast. This is a great resource for students looking for a Broadway theater discount plus!

Hip Tix

Young professionals between the ages of 18 and 35 can purchase pre-tickets worth $ 20 to any show at the Roundabout Theater Company. The free membership includes invitations to a party after Broadway stars show!

Hit Show Club

Discounts on Broadway theater tickets (and beyond Broadway!), Some with restaurants too!

Children's Night Out on Broadway

Young people between the ages of 6 and 18 can be seen attending a Broadway show FREE when accompanied by a full grown adult !! Children's Night on Broadway is now open all year long and on select Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the year. Participating restaurants will also offer a free entrée to each child, along with an adult purchasing the entrée at regular prices. This is a fantastic opportunity to expose your children to Broadway. Your kids will also benefit from seeing so many other kids enjoying art!

Lunch Tix

Receive a daily email featuring deep "theater door cabinet" discounts. Offers are available from noon today. 8am to 3pm (end of lunch).

New York Show Tickets

Ticket Clearing House, which offers 45% off, "buy one", get one-free deals and urgent tickets.

School theater ticket program

You can access their website to order tickets for Broadway show tickets. Or you take their vouchers at libraries and schools and bring them to the theater or call the box office to get tickets. You'll find discounts on most of the most popular Broadway and off-Broadway shows.


Get tickets for half price on theater, music, sports, comedy, family and more. Just register your email and you'll receive notifications of available events, including many discounts on Broadway theater tickets.


You will find discounts on Broadway show tickets and off Broadway show tickets for a wide variety of productions. Super Choice!

Play by game

Pay $ 99 per year and get access to daily listings, sports events, comedy clubs, concerts, lectures, dance shows and more. Pay a service fee of $ 4.00 per ticket. The annual fee covers itself for the first time. This is my favorite club. Last year we visited many basketball games, the circus, the comedy club, the cabaret show and several Broadway and off Broadway shows. Even if you visit for one week, you are worth joining. Check daily and constantly; but usually after 1pm. If you find what you want, buy it right away as events can sell out in minutes. For the most part, you will have a wider selection of Broadway theaters, but the items appear all the time!


A new way to save 10-70% on big tickets to the best sports, concerts and theater events and more. As a member you have access to thousands of live events, always pay less than the retail price for each ticket and never pay any fees. Become a member today … for FREE!

TDF coupons

Purchase four $ 36 vouchers for access to a list of Broadway shows, as well as music and dance events featuring emerging talent.

Theater Development Fund

Pay a $ 30 annual fee and sign up for a wide variety of Broadway, off Broadway, off-Broadway, concerts, dance auditions, and more. You must be a full-time student, a full-time teacher, a trade union member, a retired person, a civil servant, a non-profit, a performing arts professional, or a member of the armed forces or the clergy. Broadway shows are about $ 30, depending on the show, and usually there is a good choice. It is worth the investment. I have been a member for years and have seen many of the best visits to this discount group.

Theater Mania

Get great discount codes that you can use when buying theater tickets at the theater, online or over the phone.


You can use Ticketmaster to buy theater tickets for almost any show, especially if you have purchased discount coupons. I'd rather go for a box to avoid paying, but sometimes you have no choice. You can also use your membership card to get a discount through Ticketmaster!

TKTS discount booth

The Theater Development Fund offers 3 discount ticket booths for show day tickets only. You will save between 20-50% on each ticket; usually 50%. In these booths you will find a huge selection of discounted Broadway theater (and off Broadway) tickets. Go to the booths early. The lines are long, but they move very fast. And … I've met some really nice people in these queues!

Theater additions

Pay an annual fee of $ 99 and get access to a huge variety of free shows including Broadway, off Broadway, museums, comedy clubs, music, sports, and more. Pay a service fee of $ 4 per ticket. This group offers a wide variety outside of Broadway, sometimes Broadway, comedy, sports, much like Play-by-Play. However, it does offer items outside and after Play-by-Play, such as gourmet and wine events, Met baseball tickets and much more. Definitely worth its price.

Travel Zoo

You may be wondering why I've included this site. No, that's not a mistake! I suggest that you take a look at this site by clicking on the link above and then "Entertainment Deals" and finally "New York". You can choose from many great Broadway theater ticket offers!