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Audience effect perceived

Have you ever paid $ 40 to rent 10 & x 39; x10 & # 39; carpet piece worth $ 10? What about $ 100 per folding table or $ 50 per chair? Hotels and convention centers know that most people will pay a high price. The same pricing philosophy applies to technology leases such as projectors and plasma flat panel displays. Hotels and conference centers have an attractive audience. and may charge higher prices.

Internal AV services company

Hotels and conference centers often operate an "in-house AV services company". They charge far higher rates than the tech travel agent in the industry. Often this rate can be as much as 50% higher! You pay for hotel amenities or convention service. Warning: Whether or not the hotel has the necessary equipment. Often, interior equipment repair is less than optimal. This is because the hotel does not have a computer store that can store and properly adjust sensitive AV equipment.

Tech travel agents work for you

Hire industry tech travel agents are uncomfortable! If things are not perfect, they get quick results. They have a reputation for finding the best technicians, installers and engineers for your job. They know the technicians who did the best job in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Davenport! As we employ the best and the best, technology travel agents are constantly praised by satisfied technology rental clients. Tech travel agents make it very easy for you.

Technology rental rates depend on supply and demand

The market price for computers, projectors and plasma rentals varies daily depending on the location. Prices rise and fall based on the law of supply and demand. Tech Travel Agents inquires about equipment rental warehouses throughout the United States and Canada to obtain the best possible rental rates for the dates specified in the quote request.

Supply and Demand Example: With several major conventions and conferences in the city, demand for rental equipment such as plasma flat panel displays is increasing, and prices are rising. When there is not much convention in the market area, supply increases and prices fall.

Tech Travel Agent Equipment Rental Equipment

If you need to rent a 4 processor server, wireless access point, bulk copier, Lavilier wireless microphone and 60-inch flat panel display, you can rely on Tech Travel Agents to find it all! No other service combines national talent with such a wide range of rental products.

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