Montreal-Trudeau International Airport: Flights from Montreal to the World

Montreal Airport's choice usually focuses on Canada's third busiest airport: Montreal-Trudeau International Airport. Its name is wrong because the airport is actually not located in Montreal, but 20 kilometers away in Dorval, Quebec. It's a short 20 minute drive and can be easily reached by car or public transport. (More on these options in a minute.)

Offered by Montreal Airport

First, let's look at the benefits of booking a flight from Montreal Airport.

· Destination selectionMontreal-Trudeau Airport is a truly international airport with around 130 destinations served and a long line of airlines. These include giants such as Delta, Air France, British Airways, United and Continental, as well as highly regarded regional carriers such as Porter. It is also an important hub for Air Canada flights. Each of the three airport terminals handles a different group of passengers: domestic, US flights and all other international destinations.

· Convenience: There are more than 90 restaurants, shops and shops on site.

· Public land transport: Montreal Airport is served by city buses, taxis, trains and limousines. It also offers shuttle service to nearby commercial and tourist centers including Mont-Tremblant, Trois-Rivieres, Ste-Foy, Quebec City and Ottawa-Gatineau.

· Car rental: There are many well-known car rental companies available to Montreal-bound travelers, including Avis, Alamo, Budget, Hertz and Enterprise.

· Hotels in: With the city only a 20-minute drive away, the choice of hotels is virtually endless. Nearby points of interest also include Novotel, Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, Marriott, Best Western and Wyndham.

Before you book a flight from Montreal Aeroports, you should know …

· Montreal-Trudeau may be the largest airport in the region, but it is not the only choice for outbound flights. Many Canadians choose to use one of the smaller US-based airports to the south; Popular choices include New York State Plattsburgh International Airport (code: PBG) and Vermont Burlington International Airport (code: BTV). They offer shorter lines, cheap parking prices and even deals to US destinations. The compact layout and fewer clients mean less time spent waiting and going from terminal to terminal.

· Montreal-Trudeau International Airport code is YUL; its name in French is Aeroports de Montreal.

· Because one of Canada's busiest airports expects to have long queues to wait, whether it's check-in, security or customs. Like the size of many airports, Montreal-Trudeau has its downsides, from a busy luggage area to a glaring staff shortage. Be patient, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get to your goal. And understand that you may have a long way to go, both for the connecting flight and the initial flight. Experienced travelers know that these inconveniences are associated with larger airports in the area.

The plus side is that many upgrades are complete or in the planning and construction phase. They include extensive site updates as well as an efficient shuttle bus to downtown Montreal. Montreal Airport was also repeatedly praised for its cleanliness.

In summary, your next flight from Montreal could take you almost anywhere. A flight to Montreal can be the gateway to a great holiday whether you're planning to hide on the slopes, get into a shopping area, or grab some great food and music. Before you go, check out the smaller regional airports again; chances are you'll find a lot if you don't mind the connecting flight en route. Lastly, if you use large facilities like Montreal Airport, plan extra waiting times and long walks.