Awesome America – Boutique Hotels USA

The US has never been afraid to do things on a massive scale, and hotels are no exception. America is home to some of the most magnificent and elegant boutique hotels in the world … Enjoy an all-American trip and fly from state to state to check out the soft sheets and trendy restaurants of […]

Top retirement destinations and advice

Because retirement means different things to different people and everyone has different ideas and attitudes about how they want to live at this stage of their lives, there is no ideal retirement goal that suits everyone. However, there are some common factors that most retirees look for in a place they would consider moving to, […]

A world of skin care at your fingertips

Naturally? Organic? Antioxidant rich? Cheap and fun? With so many skin care products on offer and so many factors to consider, the country of origin is usually not that high. However, once you start looking, it can be alarmingly addictive. What home-made cosmetics do Italian Vogue readers highlight? And what does it take to be […]

Repeating Spy Bridge

As the Cold War crescendo approached, two world powers exchanged a pair of spies on a bridge in Berlin that separates the East from the West. The date was February 10, 1962. The weather had recently turned from snow to mere training, symbolizing a temporary thaw in relations between the United States and the Soviet […]

Why is exhibiting art in hotels so important?

Are luxury hotels becoming fine art spaces? Art has long been a part of the hospitality industry. Hoteliers often had to take creative strategies to create a hotel. By placing interesting and eye-catching artwork throughout the hotel, they offered their clients an exclusive experience. The artwork helps to create a hotel identity and offers a […]

Hotel History – Hotel history at all times

The word hotel comes from the French word hotel, which comes from the word hote – meaning host. Originally, this term used to refer to any building that has frequent visitors. Nowadays, the hotel provides lodging, catering and other services for travelers. The earliest record of paid accommodation would be in the Bible. According to […]

Boutique hotels on the rise

Traveling has always been one of the most important areas of our lives, and with that in mind, the hotel industry has changed the concept of the entire hotel very rapidly in recent years. Now hotels are no longer the place to go because they do not have immediate accommodation in this city, but these […]

Splendor Unlimited Hotels United States

Known as the "Land of Opportunities" in the US, this rhetoric justifies travel especially. This region of the world has many different tourist destinations and is one of the major tourist attractions. There are 50 individual countries, which correspond to the size and population of different European countries. Many large cities in America make a […]