Summer at the Chain Bridge Festival, Budapest, Hungary!

This is the biggest summer event in the region. This price offers not only breathtaking views of Budapest, but also a wide variety of programs on both Pest and Buddha. It will run from early July to mid-August every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm. 10 to 22. It is such a big event that huge volumes of flights to Hungary have arrived in the city to join this event. People gather here for the music, food and carnival atmosphere. The seven weeks of the fair offer a variety of entertainment, from theater to folk, classical to jazz and pop to world music. It creates a pleasant and lively atmosphere in the city.

Activities: One of the favorite activities in the Bridge chain is the panoramic view of the city. The festival offers a range of other activities that can be enjoyed by locals as well as those who make cheap flights to Hungary. Walk along the bridge from the Danube Promenade to Clark Adam Square. All famous music, including; orchestra, jazz, rock and other musical performances. Traditional and other rare crafts such as woodcarvers, embroiderers, lace makers, potters and leather makers can shop. Adventures offer insights into the culture, handicrafts and folklore of different regions of Hungary, teaching them the basics of their trade. Programs are available for both adults and children. Kids can also do a lot of things like face painting, bicycle rickshaws and toy catapults. It offers over 100 special programs.

Important information: Traffic is closed on event days to give way to pedestrians. Several food and beverage kiosks are available for catering and drinking facilities. To entertain tourists arriving on the Chain Bridge and making cheap flights to Hungary, it offers many performances including acrobats and fire jugglers, bubble blowers and dragon flyers, musical instrument demonstrations as well as portrait painters, ceramic pipe and accordion players. Craft workshops, popular outdoor concerts and piano music add to the aroma. Visitors can also take a photo exhibition of scenes from Budapest's cultural life. When you have a cheap flight to Hungary from Great Britain, you have to pay to join this event because entrance is free. It is one of the oldest jogging festivals in Budapest. Celebrations are held at various venues including; Vajdahunyad Palace, Zoo and Botanical Garden and many more