Jump in the spring in San Diego

With average spring temperatures in the pleasant 68F (20 ° C), San Diego is the perfect place to spend your vacation, and as California's second largest city, there is plenty to do. San Diego is a beautiful and naturally mountainous city that gives it a rather unique look with many small but beautiful parkland types for city residents and visitors to enjoy and explore.

From February to April, travel to the well-known Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in the east. Only two weeks a year, parts of the desert park are filled with flowers, as wild flowers show their natural colors.

If you're thinking of something a little more stunning, why not be in town for the St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival in March? This parade promises everyone a great time and will offer you musical entertainment, the opportunity to see traditional Irish dances, eat just like the Irish; see how they lived centuries ago and more! Come and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with us, we promise you a great time!

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has many opportunities and attractions throughout the year (including animals, of course). Why not visit the Butterfly Jungle from April to May and stroll through the African Bird Generation while you marvel at the thousands of unique butterflies that call this place their home. See how animals roam in the wild and behave as if they were acting in the wild. With tickets starting at $ 40, you are guaranteed wild time.

In early April, observe how insane and perhaps downright insane you go to Oceania Harbor to start the California Half-Ironman Triathlon; there, athletes start a terrific 1.2-mile swim before jumping on a bike and pedaling an incredible 56 miles through Marine Corps-based scenic sections. As if that weren't enough, fearless competitors ran 13.1 miles along the northern coast of Oceanside before the race ended.

The size of the city will make it easy to find the highest quality hotels in San Diego that cater to every budget. Prices can range from $ 23 per person per night, depending on your choice of place, and with over 100 hotels in the city, you are truly spoiled for choice.