Welcome from New York City (7) – Brooklyn Avenue Park and Manhattan Washington Square Park

Yesterday was our last day in New York and our flight left at. 7:57 pm, so we figured we would keep our luggage in a bed for a few hours and go on another round of exploration of the city. .

Well, one area we hadn't seen yet was Brooklyn (except Coney Island, which we explored on Friday). We really enjoyed Brooklyn, a formerly sleepy suburban area well matured in one of New York's most desirable neighborhoods, no wonder, thanks to its stately architecture, multicultural shopping areas and green mature trees in many places.

Our beloved Q train took us to Prospect Park, another masterpiece by landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted, though this exhibit is much more wild and natural than its Central Park counterpart. Although the day was a bit cool, there were lots of people running, biking, walking, and Prospect Park, like its big cousin Manhattan, has large fields with several baseball diamonds and football pitches. The action was in full swing and we were streamed live by a Mexican mariachi group and was performed by a young girl who literally sang from the heart.

At the northern end of Prospect Park is the Grand Army Plaza, which is dominated by a massive Civil War memorial arch. Near the arch is the Brooklyn Public Library, which opened in 1941 in the late Art Deco style and is now blocked for some restoration work. Not far from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the Monumental Brooklyn Museum of Art.

But we didn't have time to explore these areas further, we only had less than a few hours left before we had to take our luggage to go to the airport. Opposite we went and jumped on another subway to go to Washington Square Park, one area I definitely wanted to see.

It was a bit quiet on this cloudy and cool day, and the Washington Arch seemed a bit dampening compared to other monuments. In one of the cheap student eateries around the University of New York, we quickly took a pizza and headed back to the subway. However, we realized that we were on the wrong platform (northbound trains), so we went back to the subway to return to the right.

Guess what – our metro transit card didn't allow us! The display read "Just used" and there was no way we could get back to another entrance at the same subway station. I think it's a built-in mechanism to protect against 2 people using the same transit card. So we had to move about 20 minutes south to Prince Street and use our subway map there. Our $ 24 transit pass was used in the last 4.5 days and when we go to NYC again, we will definitely pick up another transit card. Well, at least we won't make the same mistake of dragging the map and then leaving the subway station …

Right after 2:30 pm, we picked up our luggage at the boarding house and spent the next 2 hours discovering a new subway line (N line) that we hooked all the way to Astoria Boulevard where we took the M60 bus to get to LaGuardia Airport. We needed a couple of hours, but it was great to have another last trip around New York.

After a thorough search, salvage, shoe x-ray, and so on, we finally boarded our American Airlines return home to Toronto and saw the last visit during the twilight that never sleeps.

We will return …