How to See Broadway Shows in New York on a Budget |

Planning a trip to New York soon? Want to attend some Broadway shows and still keep your budget? Here are some great tips for getting to New York where you can see some plays without spending a fortune.

Getting to New York

Are you trying to decide which airport to fly to? Instead of flying directly to New York, consider flying to Newark, New Jersey. Why? The NJ Transit Train will run $ 13.00 one-way from Newark Airport to Penna Station in New York in 30 minutes. It's much cheaper and faster than trying to get a cab from one of New York's airports to downtown Manhattan.

Take the train at Penna Station in New York. Purchase an unlimited 7-day metro card while at the station. The card costs $ 31.00 and can be used to travel the city during your 7-day stay. This will be useful when planning your tour itinerary.

Go across Times Square

When you leave Penn Station, head to Times Square and see all the plays that are shown while in town. Standing in the middle of the Times Square, look at all the stands. There are performances both on Broadway and off Broadway. There are so many to choose from!

As you look around, you'll notice below the "red steps" on Broadway and # 47 in the TKTS ticket booth. It opens every day at 3pm except Tuesday, when it opens an hour earlier at 2pm. How will you find out you have found it? Look for hundreds of people who buy theater tickets for up to 50% off. What a deal! Next to the ticket window you will see which games they are selling their tickets as well as their ticket prices. Ready to get in line and pick up a ticket for tonight's show? These lines move quickly, but are expected to be in the queue for about an hour. Do you want to spend an hour of your vacation queuing every day?

Use your Metrocard and go outside Times Square

There may be a better way. The same tickets are sold at two other locations:

South Street Seaport
The corner of Front and Jāņa Streets

Brooklyn Center
1 MetroTech Center, corner of Jay Street and Promenade Avenue

Usually, these venues open 4 hours before the ticket booth in Times Square. They are both open every morning at. 11am except for the Brooklyn location, which is closed weekly on Sunday and Monday. Purchasing tickets at one of these other venues allows you to better choose a night to-night destination because they open earlier than the time square in Thames Square. Best of all, you can usually walk right up to the window without waiting!

Use your metro map to redirect you from the city to one of these other locations. I would recommend getting your tickets one day in Brooklyn where you can stop for lunch and have a pizza. After lunch, consider a walk back across the Brooklyn Bridge. The view of the city is worth a walk! Time to go buy tickets and enjoy the show!