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So you want to know how to create websites for free! For many, the idea of ​​creating their own website seemed impossible from the beginning. However, no! You see, the days have passed when the only people who created websites were professional programmers. Nowadays, any body of any age can create a website and what’s even better is that in many cases it’s not even worth it.

If you just type in Google’s words “how to create websites for free”, it returns the result of more than 268 million searches. As you can see, there are plenty of choices here. Now it’s all good and good, but just because there are lots of free websites here, doesn’t that mean you can create one right? Wrong!
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Nowadays, many companies make it easy to create their own websites using a simple, easy-to-use interface. Together, these are excellent web templates as well as simple WYSIWYG (whatever you see, what you get) editing websites. All of this together suddenly turns your website into a child’s play. Another great thing about these sites is that you don’t really need to know anything about HTML or really web coding. It’s just a matter of pressing the mouse, it’s really that simple!


Awesome America – Boutique Hotels USA


The US has never been afraid to do things on a massive scale, and hotels are no exception. America is home to some of the most magnificent and elegant boutique hotels in the world …
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Enjoy an all-American trip and fly from state to state to check out the soft sheets and trendy restaurants of this state-of-the-art boutique hotel.

The Burnham Hotel, Chicago

Since it was a gangster’s paradise, the windy city & # 39; has been the center of contemporary culture and decadent charm. The extravagant Burnham Hotel brings back the Chicago atmosphere to perfection. Located on one of the most famous landmarks in the city, this 105-year-old Reliance building on State Street has everything from intimate personal service to rich fabrics and spectacular city views from dramatic bay windows.
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Calistiga Farm, Napa, California

A long playground for the rich and famous California countryside offers peace, quiet and some truly outstanding vineyards. The Calistoga Ranch is drawn in the West Coast forests in the center of Napa Valley. This relaxed boutique hideaway combines California charm with rich equipment; expect rich, rustic meals at the restaurant, accompanied by world-class wines. The real highlight, however, is the fabulous outdoor natural spa.

Viceroy, Palm Springs
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Located in another notorious place in California, The Viceroy Palm Springs adds an urban-style desert. Holidays in Palm Springs are not just a vacation – they are an institution among Hollywood royalties. Distant from the Palm Springs main highway, The Viceroy, gives the movie star peace and tranquility. Come to the smiling staff and the lowly luxury – a welcoming oasis in the middle of a hot desert.

Soho House, New York
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The city is not becoming more iconic than New York City, and the star of the city hotels is undoubtedly Soho House. The exclusivity here is just as fabulously eccentric as New York itself – expect some bars on minibars and cell phones to be banned in the membership club so you won’t be disturbed by the many celebrities out there. .

Hotel Maison de Ville, New Orleans
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Although its fabulousness was somewhat dampened by Hurricane Katrina’s tragedy, the bustling city of New Orleans is back on its feet and once again admiring the sounds of jazz. This famous city house hotel, which was the most luxurious hotel in the French Quarter, was once popular with Elizabeth Taylor. A special attraction is the Bistro Restaurant; Chef Greg Piccolo prepares Nouvelle Creole dishes, famous in the city.
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Top retirement destinations and advice


Because retirement means different things to different people and everyone has different ideas and attitudes about how they want to live at this stage of their lives, there is no ideal retirement goal that suits everyone. However, there are some common factors that most retirees look for in a place they would consider moving to, such as abundant and varied recreation, reasonable living costs, access to high quality health care facilities, low crime rates, security, public services, good climate, beautiful landscapes, suitable transport, volunteer and job opportunities.
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While Arizona, Florida and Texas are still the most popular choices, more and more retirees are opting for cooler climates or places where they can experience the whole season. According to surveys, here are some places in the US that have ranked as the top retirement destinations thanks to excellent health care, many cultural activities and many greenery or decorations, among other desirable factors: Holland, Michigan; Walla Walla, Washington; Sun Simona Island, Georgia; Prescott, Arizona; Boulder, Colorado; Pittsburgh, PA; San Luis Obispo, California; Williamsburg, Virginia; Boca Raton, Florida; and Ithaca, New York.
If you want a cheap destination, there are plenty of retirement facilities that have good amenities and charming surroundings, but they are within your budget. Moving to a place where your cost of living is lower than your current place of residence may even allow you to get a bigger home that costs less, which will increase your net worth while also allowing you to live a better retirement life.
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According to top experts on retirement destinations, some of the best low-cost retirement destinations include: Sunshine Melbourne Beach, Florida; harmlessly beautiful Yucca California; field fresh in Sandpoint, Idaho, near Canada; and Kennebunk, Maine, where there are many rocky beaches. While not all of them can be cheap, some of them are actually quite expensive depending on where you live today, but they all have one thing in common: In these places, you get good value when you retire.
However, many Americans want to retire in other countries, such as Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Belize, Spain and New Zealand, mainly because the cost of living is relatively cheaper, and they also want to experience a culture and landscape different from that they always have. have known. In addition, since these places are already home to quite a few American retirees, they also have people of the same age group and culture. However, if you choose one of these countries, you should be prepared to make new friends and adapt to another culture. Central American countries are particularly popular with American retirees because they are only a few hours away from their homeland. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing to retire abroad:

  • Make sure your medical insurance is in order
  • Learn about inexpensive local markets
  • Obtain a tourist visa if you do not want nationality
  • If you want citizenship, apply for it before moving

Regardless of where you choose to retire, home or abroad, here are some things you need to keep in mind and do so before you decide:
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first , you need to decide whether you want to be somewhere near your current hometown or go to another location.

Decide what you like. Would you prefer a safe and structured neighborhood for a retirement community, or would a city full of different types of people with a broader range of cultural and entertainment activities be a better choice for you?
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Find out all you can about the places you are considering. Check the internet and search for magazines and books to get the information you need.
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As you get more information, start reducing the list of possible locations until you reach a maximum of four or five.
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Then go on the road. Go to each place on your list, staying every three to four days to check the overall feel of the place and its ambiance.
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Don’t rush for anything. Ultimately, you make an important decision about how you will live the rest of your life. So take your time, decide slowly and sensibly, not impulsively.
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Then reduce the list to just two to three places and go and live in each for about two or three weeks. Carefully study the benefits and drawbacks of each, such as the cost of living, the climate, and the types of neighbors and friends. Meet with real estate agents and check that the house you are considering is within your budget. There are real estate agents who make themselves known as senior real estate professionals.
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Once you’ve selected zero, take some time. Get opinions and advice from family and friends. Be sure of your instincts, because ultimately it will have to be your choice.
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Crypto News

For most of its short life, bitcoin was a toy for computer gaming, and banks and governments largely ignored it. That all changed at the end of 2017, when an epic comeback led prices to new peaks. Since then, central banks have been focusing more on cryptocurrencies, especially in recent months, as Facebook threatens to usurp its domain.

Bankers need their own cryptocurrencies
The benefits of digital currency are clear, faster and more efficient payments are good news for everyone. Banks are already making big profits by moving people’s money, and digital cash will help them even more.

Facebook shook the world’s regulator cages and woke up to bankers. If they can’t improve their archaic and expensive transmission mechanisms, which are mainly based on SWIFT, better alternatives will emerge.

There is an obvious demand for cryptocurrencies such as Libra, but Facebook’s responsibility is clearly not enough. Bitcoin does exactly what it needs to do, but price volatility continues to prevent daily use, and most are unpleasant.

The central banks of China, Sweden, the Bahamas and Thailand are experimenting with their own cryptocurrencies and many will soon be launched. The Federal Reserve is still waiting for the margin, according to Bloomberg, and is likely to be governed by a number of regulations that hinder innovation.

The threat to national sovereignty by the social media giant was big enough to offset the avalanche of critics for its Libra project. There was also the danger that central banks would not be able to effectively manage monetary policy (printing more money) if an alternative global currency existed.

Central banks are looking for wholesale solutions that limit the availability of any stable currency to banks and financial institutions. They will be used internally to make payments in the current money system faster and cheaper.

The retail solution would be to allow account holders to use digital currency under tight control. The Central Bank administers the General Directive and has complete control over the supply and outflow of any stable currency developed by it.

Before China’s rigging
China is likely to be the first major country to launch its own central bank cryptocurrencies as Asia moves ahead with innovative research and development. However, no start time has been set yet. The PBoC hiring announcement says it wants to hire six other technology experts with experience in cryptography, econometrics and microelectronics to join the bank’s new cryptocurrency development.

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China’s position on decentralized encryption assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has not changed. This still won’t allow people to buy cryptography with fiat. Central banks are unlikely to see public cryptocurrencies as a good prospect as they are beyond state control and have no such transaction limits.

Whether or not the scale is moving forward is now questionable, but Facebook has accelerated the research process of the World Banks, and it is likely that a series of centrally stable currencies will be launched in the coming years.

Save up to 50% off hotel AV equipment deals with Tech Travel Agent


Audience effect perceived

Have you ever paid $ 40 to rent 10 & x 39; x10 & # 39; carpet piece worth $ 10? What about $ 100 per folding table or $ 50 per chair? Hotels and convention centers know that most people will pay a high price. The same pricing philosophy applies to technology leases such as projectors and plasma flat panel displays. Hotels and conference centers have an attractive audience. and may charge higher prices.

Internal AV services company

Hotels and conference centers often operate an "in-house AV services company". They charge far higher rates than the tech travel agent in the industry. Often this rate can be as much as 50% higher! You pay for hotel amenities or convention service. Warning: Whether or not the hotel has the necessary equipment. Often, interior equipment repair is less than optimal. This is because the hotel does not have a computer store that can store and properly adjust sensitive AV equipment.

Tech travel agents work for you

Hire industry tech travel agents are uncomfortable! If things are not perfect, they get quick results. They have a reputation for finding the best technicians, installers and engineers for your job. They know the technicians who did the best job in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Davenport! As we employ the best and the best, technology travel agents are constantly praised by satisfied technology rental clients. Tech travel agents make it very easy for you.

Technology rental rates depend on supply and demand

The market price for computers, projectors and plasma rentals varies daily depending on the location. Prices rise and fall based on the law of supply and demand. Tech Travel Agents inquires about equipment rental warehouses throughout the United States and Canada to obtain the best possible rental rates for the dates specified in the quote request.

Supply and Demand Example: With several major conventions and conferences in the city, demand for rental equipment such as plasma flat panel displays is increasing, and prices are rising. When there is not much convention in the market area, supply increases and prices fall.

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If you need to rent a 4 processor server, wireless access point, bulk copier, Lavilier wireless microphone and 60-inch flat panel display, you can rely on Tech Travel Agents to find it all! No other service combines national talent with such a wide range of rental products.

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Contact the rental industry's Tech Travel Agent for the best deal and price. Do a search on Google for "Tech Travel Agent" to find a list of articles and agents.


A world of skin care at your fingertips


Naturally? Organic? Antioxidant rich? Cheap and fun? With so many skin care products on offer and so many factors to consider, the country of origin is usually not that high. However, once you start looking, it can be alarmingly addictive. What home-made cosmetics do Italian Vogue readers highlight? And what does it take to be a Greek goddess?

United States

With La La Land's emphasis on aging, women's beauty in North America is still ahead of the league. Alongside the stables, Avon and Elizabeth Arden have become younger household names, such as the famous Kate Somerville and Sonya Dakar. Thanks to Oprah's strong approval, the Hope in a Jar philosophy has raised brand status, and Bliss products are a must-have for anyone who can't afford the whispering face of the face. New York spa … and even for those who can. Extra triple oxygen instant energizing mask; Steep Clean is also a favorite favorite.


With such intense sun exposure, the wrinkles on the ears form the main wrinkle. At the top of the scale, Rebecca Kerner continued her family-run anti-aging dermatology business, started in the early 1900s by an Austrian grandmother. The result is an underground brand that has for some time been an exciting and smart beauty salon. Fully equipped with killer antioxidants, Körner's Loaded: Anti-Ager is a cat pajamas from skin aging agents. Natural Jurlique formulates its range of skin problem solvers with organic and biodynamic ingredients, including preservatives. In particular, the Recovery Gel has gained cult status among beauty junkers. Animal cruelty activists may not approve, but Golden Emu Oil has recently been recognized as one of those illusory multi-tasking beauty products that no woman or metrosexual man should forget. The Omega 3.6 and 9, full of Omega 3.6 and 9, are both anti-aging and a great stress-relieving moisturizer for the whole body to soothe tired and aching muscles. Demi Moore swears by it. Sun protection, of course, is a top priority, and the natural SPF brand, Invisible Zinc, is renowned for its clear and tinted range of face and body moisturizers. The fact that Elle McFelson was unbelievably clad, ahead of the campaign, is not likely to have hindered their success. With some coordinates in New Zealand, as well as a flight by Manuka Honey and Concorde, the locals are also justifiably proud of the trilogy. These vitamins and essential fatty acids contain all natural skin products that smell so good that you can almost taste the fresh mountain air infused into each jar.


Given their desire for perfection (here we call it OCD, there it is only normal), it is no wonder that Japanese love functional beauty products. As a nice, infiltrated kitsch design forms departments across the country, more luxurious Japanese skin care brands are starting to emerge in the west. Keith Blanchett's impeccable vision is firmly on the SK-II's beauty map. Centered around the lesser known, vitamin-rich yeast form – Piter – SK-II skin care is considered a ritual that involves better skin visualization, as well as rubbing with some special anti-aging ingredients. Its facial masks are particularly popular for their revitalization and rejuvenating powers. Shiseido has the appearance and appearance of East Clariness – clean lines but not too clinical. Men's range is very popular, especially facial scrubs and moisturizers – uber-masculine in fragrance and brand, but effective in wrinkles and tired eyes, which are also being taken care of by men. Designed for mature women, Suqqu is one of Japan's fastest growing cosmetics lines. Already behind the scenes, favorite cosmetic artist Mary Greenwell swears on her lip essence cream to create tempting photogenic lips.


The youthful olive-luster of the Mediterranean skin is the holy grail of many pale English roses; but they are not complacent – especially the Greeks, who have recently rushed forward with promises of beauty based on the symbiosis of science and nature. Greek natural antioxidant-filled pomegranate is a key ingredient of the Korres Natural Products brand. Korres bases their body, hair and skin products on timely combinations of homeopathic herbs. The brand is present in virtually every pharmacy in the country and means natural but decadent cosmetics for everyone. Body butter figs and yogurt are deliciously rich, while Omega-rich men's cream helps give a smooth and close shave. Recent UK national player Rodial is also big with pomegranate power. Mary Hatzistefanis, the founder of Rodial, doesn't seem to have physiological shortcomings, but maybe that's because her range includes all the diseases: swelling of the stomach, Stretch Mark Eraser, Glamtox (an alternative to bottled Botox), each one pretty much doing what it says for tin. Glam Balsam has become the foundation stone for everything from cracked lips and in-flight dehydration to eczema and après-ski skin tightening.


Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella was founded in 1221. It is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world and still fixtures in Florence. Famous for its luxurious scents, soaps and candles, SMN's face waters and moisturizers also add to the splendor of night stands throughout the country. Giorgio Armani is largely synonymous with smart fashion and perfume and high-end cosmetics, but his Crema Nera and Skin Minerals ranges have made him a legitimate player in the skin care arena, both genders. Duty Free outlets have been present throughout the compact years of Pupa Milano, but the company is striving to expand its expertise with a new skincare line, Dairy Therapy, rich in lactic probiotics and other news about beneficial skin regeneration. nutrients. They don't look very adult with the cartoon-drawn cow mark, but the teenage nieces might thank them. Although Borghese may be located in New York, its heart and soul are firmly rooted in 14th-century Tuscany, whose volcanic mountains created a spa tradition of using mineralized water. Borghese is famous for its mineral-rich exfoliating and rejuvenating Fango mud masks. They do indeed excrete toxins, though it is best to indulge a few days before an important event!


In the Nordic countries, most of the year can be temporary sun-aging sun, but extreme cold causes its problems, namely dry, faint complexion. In particular, Iceland has begun work on cosmetics to overcome its citizens. Special skin problems and, fortunately, more and more of them are coming to our shores. The beloved Dr. Bragi is a biochemist with an attraction to marine life, and his patented enzyme formula for healing scars and wrinkles is highly concentrated – & # 39; penzyme & # 39; Tær Icelandic is a perennial favorite for sensitive souls. Rich in Icelandic soothing yarrow and other medicinal herbs, Tær's rejuvenating and rejuvenating and gentle eye cream rarely fails. Gwyneth Paltrow is a reported fan of Moa The Green Balm, another multi-tasker for dry skin. Legend has it that founder Thury Gudmundsdóttir used a balm to heal his son's third-degree burns after doctors had given up hope of any real recovery. The miracle formula is again glamorous in yarrow as well as tea tree oil, and the mini version is the perfect size for travel skin emergencies.


France has long been synonymous with breathtaking beauty and fabulously graceful aging. It is amazing that elegant franchisees manage to maintain their look while avoiding the surgeon's knife. Rumor has it that they rely on face massage rollers like Yuroll, as well as, of course, their favorite leather goods. Guinot, Yves Rocher, Decleor, Givenchy, Guerlain, Lancome, Sisley … not to mention Chanel and Clarins – the list of high-end Parisian skin care brands is vast and still, according to the upper echelon, far superior. While these brands want to appeal to your mother (hence the resistance to updating their classic "update – read: dated – emergence"), younger generations have also relied on them. No party girl worthy of her Bellinis would give up Guerlain Issima's midnight secret, and Clarins Beauty Flash Balm has quickly become a trusted technique for young, stressful faces. New young kids on the block include Doux Me, which is as gentle as it sounds. Founded by the beautiful Carolyn Wachmut, it is 100% natural and organic skin care and blends essential oils like rose and neroli. Carolina's signature anti-aging skin, Cream Carolina, smells like childhood walks in the woods.


Airline miles and such are worried … More and more great brands are appearing here. Sophyto is the only Soil Association certified organic line that works in harmony with the special needs of your skin, making it perfect for all ages. Monodenic polyphenol drops are made from specially grown Hertfordshire apples that fight toxic free radicals. REN is another lightweight brand. The body wash of the Moroccan roses Otto is heavenly sent, while the Omega 3 Overnight Renewing Lipid Serum guarantees any type of skin improvement. Sienna Miller has helped strongly support her beloved 200-year-old leather goggle in Butler's Pommade Divine beauty editors. radar. Its warming clove smells glamorously cozy and apparently rescues the star from a hell of tricks.


Repeating Spy Bridge


As the Cold War crescendo approached, two world powers exchanged a pair of spies on a bridge in Berlin that separates the East from the West. The date was February 10, 1962. The weather had recently turned from snow to mere training, symbolizing a temporary thaw in relations between the United States and the Soviet Union, which would have allowed them to make this gesture before the craze that was the source of the nuclear arms race.

At the time, according to author Giles Whittell, both ideological enemies had only ten ICBM nuclear warheads. Thirty years later, the Cold War was concluded, and they would own tens of thousands. Eisenhower's warning about the military / industrial complex seems to have been ignored. Over the course of time, Spy Bridge embraces the fact that we are seeing the foundation for a war that fortunately has never become a reality. It was fought in the shadows. Jill skilfully peeles the onion dome layers to show the fears the two sides had.

Enter to the left, William Fisher, a rather curious tribal spy from Russia. From Germany, he arrived in Canada with the help of passenger liners in the city of Quebec, in one of many accepted names. The date is November 1948. Counselors are seriously behind nuclear technology and, since the Los Alamos and Manhattan Project days, have been feverishly spying on Americans for success. Fisher's job is to recruit and set up a spy network across the US, with the latest Russian spy group being discovered and led (Klaus Fuchs and Rosenberg). William Fisher is a cool head spy. He mainly deals with secrecy and maintenance of this cover at all costs. He has done very little espionage for years. He seems to be quite comfortable keeping his cover as an artist in New York who retired after making oodles in the photo finishing business. The author points out that since no one has ever made more than half oodles at the time of photo finishing, his cover should have been suspect at first glance.

It reminds me of two Nazi spies who landed in submarine Gaspé in Quebec during World War II. They lasted all about fifteen minutes. They were sunbathing in a small hotel in the middle of nowhere and asking for a room. Paying in outdated currency, they went to a room for much-needed rest. The joiner couldn't imagine where these two "business travelers" had come from. Could they have really taken off their suitcases from the next village since they came on foot and stashed diesel? She immediately called Mounties. William Fisher should have been similarly revealed to his neighbors, who he would reveal with contradictory stories about his past, but they accidentally challenged him to the point of inventing the self-invented man to make an impression on others. Although obviously a liar for many contradictory histories, he was well received by colleagues and deeply shared their interest in art. His only contact in America, which he cultivated on barren soil, was Reino Hayhanen, who was worried about the sea and worried about a ban on the resurrection.

Enter the right side of the stage, Francis Gerry Powers, a young expert Air Force pilot approached by the CIA to conduct Soviet airspace missions. At this point, the United States is the Strategic Bomber Command, the large bombers are constantly being serviced and ready to fly over the North Pole to deliver nuclear bombs to Russia's hypothetical targets. Soon the Russians equate nuclear bomb technology and advance with ballistic missiles that can cross continents in minutes. America is in a panic and it is desperate to know how many rockets the Soviet authorities have and where they are. The US has developed a U2 aircraft that can fly at 70,000 feet, far above the ability of Russian fighter jets to intercept. They need the best pilots in the country to fly long missions over hostile areas, shooting rocket installations. For various reasons, it is not practical to ask the CIA to set up a spy network in the Soviet Union. This is the only approach available to them, and probably the most secure.

Citizens coming from a very modest background in Virginia are offered an amazing thirty thousand dollar flight to the CIA. Anyone who knows the US will recognize the lure of many disadvantaged Americans. Modern money equivalent to about half a million a year. The work consists mainly of training missions. Every invasion of hostile airspace must be approved by the president, so there are few flights over Russia. The real enemy becomes boredom and insidious jealousy of wives who cannot accompany them to remote air bases in Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

Another protagonist of this drama, so to speak, is dead – U2 itself. Whittell skilfully describes the development of the aircraft needed to fly over the intercepting Russian MIGs. Admittedly, the reader needs basic knowledge of aviation, but the author opens it up to trade school readers. He tells us why it was so difficult for the plane to fly at these altitudes, why the U2 was so low in thin air control, why the engine had to be extremely powerful to be one step from orbit, why the distance between falling speed and excessive acceleration at these altitudes was it is necessary for the aircraft to fly normally on autopilot, and why the pilot who flew at seventy thousand feet was not expected to survive. The parachute was intended to be raised at a height, and the human body, which was inflated under pressure by an elastic pressurized suit, was expected to explode as gases in the blood stream and in the body spread. During the tests, open skin, which was not supported by the suit, bubbled as the aircraft reached high altitude. Imagine an astronaut without his suit traveling in space. The result would be an immediate red and brown poopnado . It is inconceivable that U2 pilots could not conceive of such images, but most likely they suppressed them, allowing their subconscious to create a permanent fear of their existence, possibly the cause of many ropes. death of a walker.

The canvas on which this drama unfolds is also being refined. Jill frantically tells us about two powerful and huge rivals trying to impress each other with footage of open-air thermoelectric explosions that serve as a warning about the dangers of 100 megatonons of fungal clouds and two hostile giants in open war. Whittell uses the detached perspective needed to understand the madness of humanity and how close we were to the ruthless act of self-immolation. The contribution of the former secretary-general's son, Sergei Khrushchev, is invaluable. The same distance is 50 years in the shortest possible time.

In this work, we look at contemporary political systems: the Soviet Union, led by dogmatic social engineers who willingly sacrifice thousands of people to the Gulags to shape human behavior by adopting the concept of self-denial in favor of the state. Imagine, if you will, the peasant who is in charge of this experiment with the Russian Donald Trump's bombastic personality and free intelligence, demonstrating a tendency to take off his shoes at the United Nations and bump them on the table as the ultimate force of his articulation. The peasant leader claims that the Soviet Union produces ICBM as sausages and bury them in the US. Check out the map of the Soviet Union. Its territory may include three complete United States. In order to prove or deny the Soviet Union, sites have been set up that are ready to be destroyed by the United States at a daunting task, so aggressive Khrushchev must take his name. Consequently, more flights are needed.

The other half is essentially a class system led by lottery winners in the struggle for capitalism for individual superiority. Their leader, John F. Kennedy, was one of the most successful, morally ambiguous winners. John F. Kennedy joked that his father asked him exactly how many votes he needed to win the 1960 election because he was too cheap to pay for the landslide. Not least, all American proletarians want to play the game, losing odds to become a bourgeoisie. Most important is the alluring wonder of wealth, the freedom to jump or not to jump on the gym. Even disadvantaged people, such as Gary Powers, defend them to death, even if it means destroying the planet. After the Second World War, America is an industrial giant and the average population is in a much better position due to the free flow of capital and credit system. They will defend it, even if it means a preventive nuclear strike.

Ironically, it would take fifty years later for the world's largest communist power to prove that the capitalist system sometimes works best. At that time, however, the US system lost its influence worldwide. It seemed very bleak for free entrepreneurs; China, Cuba, Greece, North Korea, Indochina, Malaysia, virtually all of Eastern Europe and many others were under Communist control; it is therefore desperate to increase the number of ICBMs. The Cold War was very realistic and the fuel box was ready for ignition.

Fisher, a Soviet spy, is captured, convicted and sent to prison in Atlanta. Power shot over Russia is also imprisoned. Spy Bridge & # 39; shortly after the iron curtain was erected, the details and grounds for their exchange in Berlin were revealed.

I will allow author Gil Wittel to take it from here, because he can do it much better than I ever could. White writes with the professional skills of an independent journalist, combining multiple threads over time to create an intense and highly relevant story from a holistic perspective. I think the work is very well researched, complemented by the history of many bit players, such as the men who led the missile sites that brought Powers & # 39; U2 down 1,500 miles in Soviet airspace. Such a collection of detailed and accurate information on several continents over fifty years is the achievement of Herculean proportions, even for the best writer. I am applying my hat against his superior skills to delve into the dark depths of the past.

Now that I am interested in your author's subject matter and skills, I need to offer warnings. Napoleon was quite wrong with England; it's not populated by shopkeepers alone. It seems to come in two forms – either highly talented craftsmen or academics. Like many English non-fiction writers, Jill is a member of the first group, striving for the latter. If I say that an author is an academic, it is a death kiss for his work as far as the joy of reading is concerned. Jill gets dangerously close several times, crossing the line for a brief moment and jumping back quickly to keep his job interesting and moving on.

Academics are tempted to expose themselves to a higher level of knowledge of the subject and full action of the facts to reconcile. One of those mistakes is the references ahead, as it says – "There I was in Swaziland, which was confronted by thousands of armed and decaying insurgent locals, but all this in the future. First let me tell you about my exciting youth and what made me join the Queen's own rifles as their surgeon number one. "Jelly does this with his inaugural department, introducing a minor character on the bridge stage who is quickly forgotten. He refers to him at the end, almost two hundred and sixty pages later, but my memory fails to place him.

Another thing academics want to do is clutter up their work with many factual aspects of identifying the reader who is responsible. With only a few pages, it becomes quite clear that Jill is English and is one of the elite schools and not everyone has read it. Jill has the subconscious habit of defining his credentials to the reader through didactic diction and pedantry, the intellectual snobbery handed to him when he received his diploma. Why the author will do it, risking to sabotage his works, is beyond me. His credentials as a professional journalist and editor may have also saddened proofreaders by not allowing them to comment on another stylistic mistake that most irritated readers of rapidly changing historical drama. He very often refers or inferred to someone or something at the end of a small, oblique snippet to make sense of. For example, he could first talk about an airplane that can break through the seventy thousand feet barrier, and then he could talk about a program to build those aircraft, and finally his reference or conclusion would be "it". I don't know how many times I had to re-read the passage to find out which one is & # 39; meant. One of the last things I found worrying was getting to know a character without a face. We are introduced to so many by Beerl, Donovan, Drozdov, Meehan, Silverman, Sudoplatov, Von Broekers et al. That their meaning becomes a distant memory. Since Jell has compiled a list of characters in the preface, he does not feel the need to plug in a gentle reminder. Forget who she is? Go look for it, doofus. Only cast name as & # 39; Dramatic Personae & # 39; was supposed to be an indication of its subconscious academic tendencies, but I'll digress. Jill, overall, I've given you a B plus for your work, but if you want to get a higher grade for your next assignment, I'll expect less pedantry, young man in the future.

All facial expression aside, & # 39; Spy Bridge & # 39; is more than a good read, essential to understanding who we are, and important, accurate history of the days when the nuclear holocaust was a very real opportunity for people of my generation. I remember the days when there were sirens in the air next to telephone poles in the countryside, and during school there were drills to bend and peel under the tables. If I remember anything about my early youth, I had to prepare and face the nuclear drive as an eight-year-old. Jill Wittel is doing a great job of rebuilding this era.


Why is exhibiting art in hotels so important?


Are luxury hotels becoming fine art spaces?

Art has long been a part of the hospitality industry. Hoteliers often had to take creative strategies to create a hotel. By placing interesting and eye-catching artwork throughout the hotel, they offered their clients an exclusive experience.

The artwork helps to create a hotel identity and offers a great aesthetic experience, creating an inspiring and stimulating atmosphere. While the smallest accommodation options favor cost and basic amenities, artwork is almost an integral part of luxury, shop and design hotels.

The need for art

Works of art are portrayals of society because they served as both a functional and a symbolic element. While some may say that art is an expression of their ethnic sophistication, for some it may be a more individualistic expression. The work of art is used as a functional element for psychological and healing purposes, for social purposes and even as a form of communication. Personally, they connect people with roots or the broader human condition. Artwork also generates curiosity, interest, and an abundant experience.

Enhance hotel style with artwork

Resort art for a hotel is often done by the hotel owners themselves, and for this reason it often reaches out to their values, creativity and the theme they associate. There is a separate budget for this, and although investment in art is limited, it has led to different types of marketing strategies for hoteliers.

The use of paintings, sculptures or creative elements in hotels is undoubtedly an effective way to renew your appearance without investing in structural changes that could prove to be more expensive and time consuming. Experienced waiters often say that simply changing the color of the walls or adjusting the furniture can visually expand the room even by the feet. In fact, rooms that feature framed artwork by famous painters are more expensive than others.

Integration of artistic communities and galleries in hotels

For famous luxury hotels, the artist community usually helps create new and exciting works of art. It helps hotels stay abreast of the latest trends while artists get canvas to show off their talents. It is a collaboration that is mutually beneficial. As Pouls Morris, famed host of many international art fairs, including the Armory Show in New York, quoted, "Hotels really can't do without duck prints on the wall. So they have to enter the arts community for help."

Independent art consultants and interior designers are also known to work frequently in hotels. Not only do they help determine the look of the property, they are also able to get the art on the ground from the best talent and get it at a bargain. With the help of interior designers and consultants, hoteliers can reach new levels of creativity.

Hotels with highly integrated art

In these times, art has become a key element of a hotel, rather than being merely a decorative or design element. As a result, hoteliers are inspired to think outside the box and create curatorial art in the most sophisticated and unexpected way possible.

For example, the typical room at the Thompson LES Hotel in Manhattan, which has an industrial chic loft with exposed concrete columns and floor-to-ceiling windows. But what really catches your attention in the room is the artwork hanging over the bed. It is a giant light box with a photo of Lee Friedlander's trees and apples and olives inside; series. Stunning in its installation, it also perfectly complements the organic setting of the room.

Over the past decade, hotels such as Wynn Las Vegas, Chambers in Minneapolis, Sagamore Miami Beach, and Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando have exhibited extensive art collections. After renovation, the Gramercy Park Hotel has exhibited high quality artwork. In fact, it is known that the Museum of Modern Art has led a group of tourists to the hotel. I would really call such high praise!

Abstract artist Lynette Shaw painted a series of eight framed, textured canvases, eight feet long, in the lobby and restaurant of the Wyvern Hotel in Las Vegas. Nowadays, the artwork is the most attractive hotel quality. Other iconic art hotels include the Ace Hotel in New York with four art-oriented properties. Pod Hotel New York also has frameless art. Artist JM Rizzi has painted city scenes and abstract shapes directly on lobby walls and hallways.

Most hotels order and collect art that highlights urban elements in hotels. In some cases, they make a visual record of a rapidly growing area. For example, in South Miami, owner Michael Achenbaum commissioned London-based multimedia artist Deborah Anderson to photograph some of the area's Art Deco architecture as well as tattooed models with 50s hair and clothing. Finally, the photographer compiled 300 photographs, of which 2,800 prints were made, which will be hung throughout Gansevoort South.

Art in Indian Hotels

If you are wondering where India wants to include art in the hospitality industry, we have some examples of our own stars. And why not! Indians have a reputation for being artistically inclined, and we have some of the most beautiful examples of world architecture. There is absolutely nothing that would leave us behind us showcasing the artistic talent on the walls of our hotels.

Such as Falaknum Palace in Hyderabad. In a land renowned for Nizams' creative sensibilities, the hotel is respectful of its heritage and heritage. The frescoed ceilings, carved furniture and Venetian chandeliers of the Falknum are for display art enthusiasts. The hotel library is a copy of Windsor Castle in the UK and holds 6,000 books. You can take a guided tour of Falaknum Castle with a hotel historian who introduces you to the tour as he or she completes stories from days gone by.

Another name that comes to mind is ITC Maurya in the Indian capital. As you enter the hotel lobby, you will be greeted by a stunning visual spectacle that is the grand procession of Krišjānis Hanna. – A rich depiction of a vibrant life in India. But your artistic experience does not end here. There are other suitable works scattered around the hotel, including Tyeb Mehta's Bull in the Landscape. painting and AR Ramachandran Ashoka after the Kaling War & # 39; – a sculpture engraved with Ashoka anti-war inscriptions in Devanagri.

Bright art exhibitions in hotels don't end there. It is important to their identity and existence. Artists actually consider it an achievement to have their paintings hang on famous hotel chains. The art of hotels makes them a busy place for people to spend their holidays. And in many cases, it is an integral part of the memories that the traveler accompanies when he leaves the hotel.


Techno-Stay – Three of the friendliest hotels in the United States


The days when simple WiFi access in the lobby was the latest technology are gone. It's been a while. Nowadays, many hotels in the United States are making increasingly cautious attempts to differentiate themselves, from free Wii consoles to robotic lobby displays and even rooms that double as full video editing sets.

A couple of the hotels below are so technologically driven that if you don't have a degree in Information Technology, you might struggle to even enter the room. If you like your stay with a techno twist, you will love this set of top players geek friendly hotels in the united states

Hotel @ MIT, Boston

Boston Hotel @ MIT is not as big a nightclub as a technology tribute. As soon as you've crossed the threshold and the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab robots are waiting for you, you know you're a geek in the sky. The theme continues in the form of equations on bed linen and chemistry cartoons (no, really) that adorn bathroom walls.

The items on offer obviously go on like they do indoors: there's a pretty subtle digital safe to store all the expensive hardware you've got for yourself; It goes without saying that WiFi is available all over the world, but it's the lightning fast T1 line and the fact that all rooms are attached to a networked laser printer, which really stands out.

Tribeca Grand, New York

On its surface, the Tribeca Grand flows into a broken NYC. But that doesn't confuse anyone: it's a full-fledged tech entertaining geek from the heart. Why? It got iStudio – a suite of image, video and audio editing software and all the other wonderful innovations that the good Apple people could come up with – for goodness sake! Employees can even communicate via instant messaging with fresh online degrees from all accounts. So, the hip is a rectangle.

Gaansevoort, New York

New York trendsetter Gaansevoort makes it the top gay-friendly hotel in the United States, as it was the first hotel to offer its guests a free Nintendo Wii console in their rooms. Many other people may have jumped in the wagon since then, but The Gansevoort was the first to get there! Technology innovation doesn't stop gaming consoles either: the penthouse also comes with its MacBook and iPod charging valet. Lovely.


Hotel History – Hotel history at all times


The word hotel comes from the French word hotel, which comes from the word hote – meaning host. Originally, this term used to refer to any building that has frequent visitors. Nowadays, the hotel provides lodging, catering and other services for travelers.

The earliest record of paid accommodation would be in the Bible. According to the Bible, Mary and Joseph were unable to obtain accommodation because "there was no room in the tavern."

It was during the Roman Empire that hotels began to spread. They were created to encourage visitors to the empire.

According to the Guinness World Record, the oldest hotel still in operation today is Hoshi Ryokan, located in the Awazu Onsen area of ​​Komatsu Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. It was founded and still runs the same family for 1229 years. The hotel has been with the family for forty-six generations since 718. The hotel was built near a hot spring, believed to have miraculous healing properties. The locals claim it to this day. The hotel has 100 rooms and can accommodate up to 450 guests.

The first pub in America was established in 1607. In 1792, the City Hotel, the first public hotel, opened in New York. Tremont opened in Boston in 1809. It was the first modern hotel in America. Buffalo Statler, America's first business hotel, began operations in 1908.

Over the years, individual tastes have changed and it was inevitable that hotels would change according to the wishes of the client. Nowadays, customers can choose from more choices.

Depending on their budget or availability, customers may choose to stay in luxury or budget hotels. Hotels can also be classified by type of service:

  1. Full service upscale
  2. Full service
  3. Select Service
  4. Limited service
  5. Extended stay
  6. Timeshare
  7. Destination Club

For people who want an adventure, they can try some unusual hotels, like the Null Stern Hotel in Teufen, Apenzellelandland, Switzerland, which used to be a nuclear bunker that was transformed into a hotel. There are also cave hotels in Cappadocia, Turkey and Spain. There are Treehouse hotels in Costa Rica, and in Japan there are capsule hotels where people sleep with each other in rectangular dishes. Because Canada, Finland and Sweden have cold weather for most of the year, these countries have hotels made of ice and snow. There are also underwater hotels in Sweden and Florida, USA.

The largest hotel, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is the First World Hotel, located on Mount Genting, Malaysia. It has 6118 rooms. The tallest hotel is the Rose Tower in Dubai. It is 333 meters long.


Boutique hotels on the rise


Traveling has always been one of the most important areas of our lives, and with that in mind, the hotel industry has changed the concept of the entire hotel very rapidly in recent years. Now hotels are no longer the place to go because they do not have immediate accommodation in this city, but these hotels have become more than just a place to stay. These hotels now offer many other integrated services and luxuries such as restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, spas and many more.

The growth of boutique hotels over the past decade has left an enormous impact on the hotel industry and continues to do so. These boutique hotels now operate in every major or small city, whether it's New York, London, San Francisco, or any part of the world. This boutique hotel concept basically existed since the 1980s. Initially, these boutique hotels were also known as "designer" or "lifestyle" hotels. New York Hotel Morgan was the first to receive this boutique hotel label. Nowadays, everyone tries to call their hotel a boutique hotel, but usually the boutique hotel is relatively smaller and designed to serve its personal customers rather than others. The definition of a boutique hotel, typical of most travel and tourism agencies and sites of this type, is that it is a hotel with no more than 50 rooms and the purpose of this hotel is to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. The increase in the number of boutique hotels has created uncertainty as more and more in-house hoteliers open their boutique hotel chain. The most famous are Starwood and resort hotels.

Following the enormous popularity of New York's Morgan Hotel, many boutique hotels have emerged around the world, especially in or around hot spots for tourism. Take London as an example. After a while it was very difficult to find one boutique hotel there, but now boutique hotels are visible on every other street and moreover, larger hotels are also transforming themselves into a boutique hotel. These large boutique hotels are gaining popularity there because rents are high and small boutique hotels are often down. Over the last five years, many boutique hotels have gained tremendous popularity in London, including some on Nottingham Hill, the Baglioni Hotel and the Soho Hotel in Soho.

In the second example in Paris, every type of boutique hotel can promise you great success. This is probably why there are so many different boutique hotels to choose from. One of Paris' oldest boutique hotels, called Montalembert, is located on the left bank. Recently named boutique hotels are Hotel De Sers on Avenue Pierre and Hotel Sezz near the Eiffel Tower.

The interesting fact about boutique hotels is that boutique hotels in North America are slightly larger than boutique hotels around the world, and that's because rents are rising there. But still, boutique hotels are very famous in America.

With the growth of the tourism industry, the hotel industry is estimated to grow, especially the boutique hotel industry, and the fact that big hotel owners have expressed interest in boutique hotels will help the industry thrive for many years to come.